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Marius Schober, Founder and Author of skywert

Insightful Research & Analysis

I founded skywert after conducting thorough research for my own business ventures and investments. Upon realizing the value of my research for other leaders and investors, I decided to publish my work under the name skywert (a portmanteau combining "sky" and the German word "wert" meaning "value" or "worth").

I offer confidential, in-depth market research and analysis services across a variety of subjects for select clients, including:

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Market Sizing and Forecasting

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis

  • Trend Identification and Monitoring

  • Investment Opportunity Evaluation

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting

To discuss your specific research needs or learn more about my services, please contact me at I look forward to partnering with you.

Marius Schober