The Multidisciplinary Lens for Navigating Exponential Change

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At skywert, I focus on exploring the trends and ideas that are shaping the future of humanity, to give professional investors and decision makers an ace up their sleeve with a clear, actionable understanding of the tectonic shifts underway.

What you can expect:

A weekly in-depth analysis of a chosen subject or industry.

In addition:

Monthly: One deep dive into one promising stock listed company

Monthly: Specific investment ideas and strategies for private equities

With each edition, you’ll get a wider, deeper, and future-oriented understanding of the world allowing you to make better decisions in an exponentially developing world.

Furthermore, we publish one institutional grade industry research on specific industries per quarter. These reports are available separately for purchase in our shop.

I invite you to subscribe today and join me in this ongoing exploration.


Marius Schober
Founder and Author of skywert

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The Multidisciplinary Lens for Navigating Exponential Change


I help professional investors make better decisions today by providing them with a unique perspective and deep understanding of the zeitgeist of the future and how exponential technologies will impact their businesses and portfolio companies.